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March 2017 Archives

Bankruptcy could apply to divorce property settlements

People in California often cite financial stress as a cause for divorce, but fighting over money might really begin once the divorce process gets underway. A case decided by a bankruptcy court illustrates how technical legal details might influence the amount of money that an ex-spouse receives from a settlement.

Changes in divorce rates since 1990

Baby boomers in Orange County might be more likely to seek divorce than people of a similar age were in 1990. The divorce rate for people 50 and older was about 10 per 1,000 married people in 2015 compared to around 5 per 1,000 married people for the same age group in 1990.

Do not make these mistakes on social media before your divorce

Social media is an important aspect in how you interact with others in today's culture. It is almost second nature to post anything that happens in your life on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. What you may not realize is that what you put out there for your friends to see can be used as admissible evidence in court. It pays to be careful about how you use social media during any legal proceeding, especially divorce.

How to help a child divorce during a divorce

Orange County parents who are getting a divorce may want to consider how they can mitigate its effects on their children. Timing might be important because during the school year, parents may be able to have meetings with their attorneys and do other divorce-related business while children are in class. The advantage of summer is that parents may be able to spend more time with their children.

5 places a spouse might hide assets in a divorce

Money is one of, if not the, most contentious elements in a California divorce. Spouses argue over who gets the house, whether an account is marital or separate, and how much should be paid in spousal support. Sometimes the battles seem frivolous, and motivated only by one person's desire to punish their ex.

Understanding the needs of children in divorce

When parents with young children in California decide to get a divorce, it means big changes for them and the children. Kids who are under the age of 5 will need stability and reassurance that they are loved and that their parents will always be there for them. In most cases, any effects from a separation or divorce will subside within two years.


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