Dedicated Advocate Who Has A Passion For Helping Families

Resolving Child Custody Conflicts

For a divorcing couple, the question of what will happen to their children is probably the most significant issue in their divorce case. Each parent has their own beliefs as to what is best for their children. Because of their strong feelings about how the child custody issue should be resolved, many parents find themselves in pitched battles to determine the fate of their children.

It can be difficult to untangle these challenges without a strong advocate for you and your family at your side. The lead attorney for the Family Law Offices of Glen L. Rabenn applies his decades of experience in family law to help you create a custody agreement and parenting plan that is beneficial for you and your children.

Tackling Common Custody Issues

With his vast experience representing both mothers and fathers in the Superior Courts of Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Glen L. Rabenn knows how to deal with complex child custody issues. He knows how to address the common child custody questions that come up in most family law cases.

  • Determine how important educational and medical decisions are to be made.
  • Work out thorough and fair parenting schedules that provide both parents with meaningful time with their children.
  • Enlist the assistance of qualified mediators and mental health professionals to resolve child custody issues.

Mr. Rabenn focuses on solving custody issues outside of court whenever possible, but always prepares to advance your interests if your divorce case ends up in court.

Rely On Our Family Law Expertise

As a Certified Family Law Specialist, with more than 40 years of experience, Glen L. Rabenn has assisted thousands of parents in resolving their child custody cases. Since 1972,our firm has provided the Seal Beach, California, area with access to an experienced attorney who gives clients hands-on expertise and accessibility. Call 866-996-3890 or contact us online to discuss your family law case.