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List Of Documents To Obtain

The following is a list of documents that are commonly needed to start a Dissolution of Marriage Case.

1. Real Estate
a. Current deeds and trust deeds
b. Most recent mortgage and equity line statements
c. Current property tax bills

2. Household Furniture, Furnishings and Personal Property
a. An inventory of your household furniture and furnishings
b. Inventory of all collections and antiques

3. Vehicles
a. Registration forms
b. Purchase contracts and leases
c. Most recent monthly statements

4. Savings, Checking and Credit Union Accounts
a. Statements

5. Income Information
a. Your paycheck stubs (and your spouse’s) for the last two months
b. Federal and State income tax returns for the last three (3) years
c. Most recent W-2 forms for you and your spouse
d. Most recent 1099 forms for you and your spouse
e. Records reflecting estimated payments made for the prior year

6. Life Insurance
a. All existing life insurance policies
b. Currents statements reflecting premiums paid

7. Investments
a. Statements showing stocks, bonds and mutual funds

8. Retirement Plans
a. Latest summary plan documents
b. Latest benefit statements

9. Profit Sharing, Annuities
a. Most recent statements

10. Accounts Receivable and Unsecured Notes
a. Records reflecting money owed to you and/or your spouse

11. Partnerships and Other Business Interests
a. Most recent K-1 forms
b. Last five years corporate income tax returns

12. Debts
a. Student Loans
i. Contracts and promissory notes
ii. Current statements
b. Loans – Unsecured i. Current statements
c. Credit Cards i. Current statements

13. Support Arrearages
a. Court orders and most recent statements concerning support obligations owed by or to your spouse
b. Records reflecting payments made for support owed by your spouse from community accounts □

14. Estate Plans
a. You and your spouse’s wills and estate plans