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Getting A Divorce In California, Step By Step

Divorce can be a difficult time of transition, forcing families to make tough decisions about children, finances and the future. It can be an overwhelming process that can become even more complicated by its emotional nature. That’s why, in the divorce process, the aid of a candid and realistic attorney that will work with you to achieve your goals is indispensable.

With over 40 years of experience, our firm, the Family Law Offices of Glen L. Rabenn, will guide you through the following aspects of your divorce procedure and all steps in between:

  • Filing the dissolution case in the appropriate courthouse
  • Servicing of the papers to the respondent and subsequent discovery procedures
  • Assembling and completing the preliminary declaration of disclosure and other required forms, including lists of assets, debts, incomes and expenses
  • Trial and post-judgment matters, if necessary

Every relationship and every divorce is different. If the case requires it, we have worked with clients to file emergency orders with the court and to request temporary support while the divorce case is pending.

At our firm, we provide you with access to an objective and candid attorney who works directly with clients to reach resolutions that are consistent with their goals. Glen L. Rabenn is certified as a family law specialist by The State Bar of California, a designation given after years of experience in family law and following rigorous examination.

Divorce And Your Children

Divorce procedures can become even more difficult when children are involved. Often, the most pressing issues are whether or not each party can agree on matters involving child support, child custody and child visitation. These matters are often the most important, and we diligently work to help ensure that your goals can be achieved and your parental rights are respected. Whether that means requesting for temporary orders of visitation and custody or taking the issue to court, we will work with you to achieve your parental goals. We avoid unnecessary and expensive trials, but are nevertheless prepared to fiercely advocate for our clients’ rights in court if the case calls for it.

Connect With A Responsible, Responsive Lawyer

Glen L. Rabenn is a respected attorney who has been practicing family law for more than 40 years, helping clients and the community in the Seal Beach area, including West Orange County and Long Beach. To contact us about your family law issue, call 866-996-3890 or use our online form.