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January 2017 Archives

How unmarried fathers can seek visitation or custody

Unless there are extenuating circumstances, all biological parents have the right to maintain a relationship with their children either through visitation or custody. This is true even if the parents were not married when the children were born. Courts usually make custody decisions based on what is in the best interest of the children, and it is usually believed that the involvement of both parents is best.

The dangers of disputes during child exchanges

When California parents separate, they will likely share child-rearing duties between each other. Depending on the situation, this means that the children will be exchanged between the two parents in accordance with custody and visitation schedules. While most parents are able to exchange their children with no trouble, it can be dangerous when disagreements rise.

How to put the kids first in a divorce

Most people in California and elsewhere believe that the interests of a child should come first in a divorce. However, ego and an individual's own self-interest may not always allow that to happen. Parents who are going through the divorce process may need to create a plan to restore trust and ensure that they raise a happy and healthy child.

New Year's resolutions for your new life

The start of a new year is a great time to make changes and start fresh on various resolutions. For those going through divorce, such goals may be more important now than ever. While healthy eating and weight loss can be great ideas at any stage of life, here are a few additional ideas for New Year's resolutions when you are starting your new life.

How digital information may affect Orange County divorces

In recent years, many spouses have turned to digital communications to help them with their divorces. Emails, text messages and posts to social media sites can contain information that may help an individual obtain custody of children or spousal support. In addition to being visible to social media friends, this data can be obtained through legal channels and may end up displayed in court.


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