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August 2016 Archives

Deciding between valuation and calculation with divorce assets

A couple operating a joint business may find that there are significant challenges in dividing such an asset if divorce becomes a consideration. A California judge could be relied upon to decide how to fairly split a family business as proceedings reach the court system, but some couples may want to avoid having an outside party make these decisions. An understanding of value is essential for making any decisions about dividing a business in divorce, and this could be accomplished through valuation or through calculation.

Divorce, children and special expenses

When California parents divorce, the child support agreement usually outlines how expenses such as extra-curricular activities will be covered. However, it usually focuses on the ordinary expenses a family might incur as a child grows. But if a child is a gifted athlete in pursuit of Olympic dreams, the question of who will be responsible for those expenses can arise.

Key steps to protect yourself financially during divorce

No one wins in divorce. Getting divorced can be a tremendously stressful and life-changing process. Both people will feel upset, and it can be hard to have the focus you need to address the issues that need to be resolved. In order to minimize the feelings of lost control, we suggest taking a few steps to protect your financial situation.


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