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May 2017 Archives

More couples fighting over politics, study says

Some couples in Orange County may find that they are experiencing more conflict since the election of President Donald Trump. A study by Wakefield Research found that one out of 10 couples reported that their relationship had ended over a political disagreement. Among millennials, 22 percent said they had broken up with a partner over political differences.

Effects of substance abuse on child custody

Family courts in California and around the U.S. base child custody decisions on the best interest of the child. When a parent has concerns about the other parent's abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs, a judge would consider how this behavior could impact the safety of the children. Someone wishing to address a parent's substance abuse could do so at the initial child custody hearing or request changes after a court has already issued an order for custody and visitation.

Do children have a say in child custody disputes?

California children are often caught in the middle between their divorcing parents during a child custody battle. Depending on the age of the children, the court will sometimes consider their wishes, but a complete exploration to determine the best interests of the child will usually occur. A child's wishes may not always be found to be the best solution.

Common prenuptial mistakes you should avoid

One thing you should take into consideration before you get married to your partner in California is a prenuptial agreement. When executed properly, this legally binding contract can help provide financial protection for you if you and your fiancé ever split. When done wrong, you miss out on the protections it offers.


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