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February 2017 Archives

Children suffer when dads don't pay child support

Orange County fathers who fall behind on their child support payments are less likely to see their children than dads who support payments current. A study by a Cornell University professor of more than 1,000 fathers who no longer lived with their children found that more than 30 percent of these noncustodial parents owed an average of $7,705 in back child support payments.

When divorce happens before IVF is completed

In-vitro fertilization is an option for couples in Orange County who are having difficulty getting pregnant. The process involves the creation of embryos that are cryogenically stored before they are implanted in the mother's womb. When a couple decides to end their marriage before the IVF process is completed, disputes may arise over the cryogenically stored embryos.

Changing a custody arrangement after the divorce is finalized

After months of mediating, fighting for your rights and negotiating the terms of your divorce, you may think that everything is finalized after you are declared divorced. In reality, changing locations, needs and circumstances can mean constant adjustments to the parenting plan for both you and your ex-spouse. While you should always consult with an experienced attorney to determine individual solutions, there are a few things you need to know about changing your custody arrangement.

Enforcing back support payments after the child turns 18

The collection of child support payments that have fallen into arrears is an issue that may challenge some custodial parents who reside in Orange County. This matter may appear to be even more complicated as a child approaches the age of majority, and parents at this crossroads in a child's life may be concerned about whether the other parent will remain liable for the debt when the child is no longer legally entitled to the custodial parent's financial support and care.

How a house might be divided during a divorce

Orange County couples who are getting a divorce and who are home owners might need to decide how they will dividetheir residence. Some people might not want to live in the family home because they find it too painful. Others may be unable to afford to do so.


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