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Enforcing back support payments after the child turns 18

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2017 | Child Support |

The collection of child support payments that have fallen into arrears is an issue that may challenge some custodial parents who reside in Orange County. This matter may appear to be even more complicated as a child approaches the age of majority, and parents at this crossroads in a child’s life may be concerned about whether the other parent will remain liable for the debt when the child is no longer legally entitled to the custodial parent’s financial support and care.

Parents who have thus far been unable to collect delinquent child support payments may be interested in knowing that in most situations, the financial obligation of child support does not magically dissipate when the child reaches the age of majority. Although state laws may vary a bit on this issue, the general rule is that child support payments continue until any existing past due balance has been fully satisfied.

Affected parents may be able to solicit help from state and federal government enforcement officials, who consider the enforcement of child support orders a serious matter. To this end, enforcement officials may have an arsenal of possible actions at their disposal, including garnishment of wages, seizure of tax returns, placement of liens on real property and sentencing delinquent parties to time in jail.

Parents who are seeking an effective resolution to the collection of back child support payments may find it beneficial to consult an attorney for help and advice. They may want to speak with the attorney sooner rather than later because of the applicable statute of limitations. In such cases, addressing the issue in a timely manner could ultimately help custodial parents avoid future trips into the courtroom in order to renew their existing child support orders.