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October 2016 Archives

Reforms of child support laws for inmates on the horizon

Many Californians spend time in jail or prison, and some who are incarcerated are also parents who have child support obligations. When they are incarcerated, their child support debt may continue to accumulate even though they make almost nothing. This leaves some ex-convicts facing staggering levels of debt when they are released.

When divorce demands are over the top

Divorce can be a difficult process for California couples who are facing the end of their marriages. In many cases the communication between them has broken down, making them unable to come to an accord on even the most minor issue. In other cases, the hard-line attitude that one or both of the estranged spouses are taking result in arbitrary and capricious demands being made.

Same sex divorce in California

From Prop 22 to Prop 8, California has a bumpy road in recognizing same sex marriage, but since 2013 it's been fully legal across the state. For added distinction, a 2015 United States Supreme Court decision made it legal across the country as a whole, putting the issue to bed.

Pitt/Jolie divorce raises property division questions

California couples who are ending their marriages have a lot on their mind, and property division is often a significant issue. Whether they are of modest means or have millions of dollars, figuring out these matters out can be a difficult task.


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