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When it comes to family law, not all attorneys are the same

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Family law attorneys in Southern California are not in short supply.

We humbly yet confidently submit that they are not all the same, which is something that a prospective client certainly needs to know.

And the reason for that is simple, namely this: Family law comprises a sprawling and complex legal realm. Acumen over the subject matter does not come easily.

Indeed, it takes a conscientious and client-empathetic practitioner years — often, many decades — of studied immersion into myriad areas of law that deeply affect people’s lives to gain a comfort level and an inner assurance that applied advocacy is truly promoting the best interests of a client.

We welcome readers to our family law blog at the Law Offices of Glen L. Rabenn, from which we serve residents across the Seal Beach area, including Long Beach and West Orange County.

We do so with passion and an unwavering focus on best outcomes in every case, being readily differentiated from many other law firms by Mr. Rabenn’s more than 40 years of on-point experience in this singularly family-centric area of law.

As we note on our website, Glen L. Rabenn was “one of the first lawyers to be certified as a family law specialist by the State Bar of California.”

That designation, coupled with decades of devoted practice, denotes many things, perhaps most centrally his representation across the universe of considerations that mark family law concerns.

In one case, for example, child-related matters — including custody, visitation, parenting plans, support and more — might loom large. In another matter, financial considerations — such as the division of assets or alimony — might be in play. Perhaps a client seeks assistance with negotiating and crafting a marital contract. Domestic violence is a sad though extant reality in some family law matters.

We welcome readers to our blog, which we envision as a platform for presenting timely and informative information of real utility to our audience. We appreciate your feedback, as well as personal contacts to the firm regarding any family law matter.

Our next post will delve into the practice areas we routinely focus upon.