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How to help a child divorce during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2017 | Child Custody |

Orange County parents who are getting a divorce may want to consider how they can mitigate its effects on their children. Timing might be important because during the school year, parents may be able to have meetings with their attorneys and do other divorce-related business while children are in class. The advantage of summer is that parents may be able to spend more time with their children.

Parents should think about whether they can live together in the same home during this period, whether they want to take turns living in the home while the children stay there or whether one parent should move out. They might need a temporary custody and support order. Above all, parents should make a point of not fighting with one another in front of their children. They should also try to keep any interactions about each other positive. Parents who cannot avoid conflict might want to try communicating in a neutral way and only by text.

Parents should be together when they first inform children of their divorce plans. However, if one parent leaves the family, that parent is still obligated to support their children. Counseling might be helpful for some children. Parents who are able to approach their divorce in a manner other than through litigation may find that their children adjust better.

This focus on the children is critical as parents negotiate custody and parenting time with the help of their respective lawyers. If parents go before a judge to have the decision made, the court will take into account factors such as who the child’s main caregiver is and what situation will provide the child will more stability. Parents should keep these factors in mind as well and put the child’s best interests first even if it means they may not get primary custody.