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Flo Rida sued for child support for 7-month old son

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Child Custody |

California music lovers may be interested to learn that rapper Flo Rida was sued for child support on April 20 by a woman who claims that he is the father of her son. The 7-month old child reportedly has a medical condition called hydrocephalus, which prompted the mother to seek child support.

The woman claimed that the rapper started seeing her in December 2015. She alleges that the romance ended in mid-January 2016. The child was born in September in New York City. According to the mother’s legal documents, a paternity test was taken in December 2016, the results of which show that there is a 99.99 percent chance that Flo Rida is the father of the child.

The medical condition that the child has results in the buildup of too much cerebral fluid around the brain, resulting in the need for specialized medical care. According to reports, it is the cost of this medical care that prompted the mother to seek child support from the rapper.

When a child is born, both parents are responsible for financially providing for that child, even if the parents do not stay together. A parent who has sole physical custody or is the primary caregiver for the child can request child support from the other parent. This child support can go towards paying for housing, food and the child’s medical care. If paternity has already been established but the other parent has not provided financial assistance for the child, a family law attorney may help the primary caregiver go to court to seek court-ordered child support that the other parent will be required to pay every month.

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