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Difficulties in locating a deadbeat parent

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Child Support |

The conclusion of a divorce in the Orange County court system does not imply that child support will automatically be paid as ordered going forward. In some cases, a parent owing support might avoid their responsibilities by failing to pay in a timely way. In other cases, a support-owing parent might simply disappear from the area. If a parent cannot be located, the enforcement of child support could be difficult, which could leave those dependent on the funds struggling to manage.

Personal information could be helpful in tracking down a parent who has failed to pay child support. An ex-spouse’s Social Security number, date of birth, and other personal information could be used to trace that individual’s activities. However, an individual avoiding financial responsibilities might prefer to work for cash to avoid actions such as wage garnishment. Information about the parent’s friends and relatives could provide leads as to their location as well. Federal and state agencies could get involved in the process of locating a parent in case of failure to comply with a support order, but these efforts can be inefficient at times.

When a divorce is handled through litigation, support orders are typically issued by a judge. This makes such orders legally enforceable. However, some couples attempt to handle their divorce action without legal assistance. It is crucial that support orders and other major financial and custody details be legally documented to ensure that problems with compliance can be addressed through legal avenues in the future. This is a protection for both parties.

An individual facing divorce action brought by the other spouse may want to be prompt in enlisting the help of a family law attorney. Counsel may advocate for certain interests in a child custody agreement and may provide guidelines for documenting and addressing any non-compliance issues after the divorce is finalized.