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Any Orders or Judgments made in the dissolution case are ordinarily not binding on any third parties, companies or entities. However, it is often necessary to obtain cooperation of people and entities that are not otherwise involved in the dissolution case. This is done by filing a Motion for Joinder.

A Motion for Joinder is a request made to the court by which a party is asking that a person or entity be brought before the Family Law Court and made to comply with its orders. Joiners are most common where one or both of the parties have a pension or other employment benefit plan. By joining the plan in the divorce case, the court can order the plan to divide the monthly pension/retirement benefits as they are received by the employed spouse.

Joinders are also common where the spouses own real estate with other people. In such cases, these people must be brought before the Family Law Court, so they can be ordered to sign documents transferring title in the property pursuant to the court order.

The court will also order the joinder of persons other than the parents with whom the child is living. It is very common for parents to leave their children with the child’s grandparents. In such cases, the grandparents must be joined in the dissolution case.