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The role of a QDRO in property division

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a document that couples in Orange County might need in order to divide a retirement account in a divorce. This complex document and the process of dividing the account can be costly if people are unaware of the fees and taxes associated with it. However, they might want to work with a certified divorce financial analyst who can explain the QDRO and how it can be used to make the movement of money efficient and less costly.

Bankruptcy could apply to divorce property settlements

People in California often cite financial stress as a cause for divorce, but fighting over money might really begin once the divorce process gets underway. A case decided by a bankruptcy court illustrates how technical legal details might influence the amount of money that an ex-spouse receives from a settlement.

How a house might be divided during a divorce

Orange County couples who are getting a divorce and who are home owners might need to decide how they will dividetheir residence. Some people might not want to live in the family home because they find it too painful. Others may be unable to afford to do so.


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