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Alternative ways to establish child support

Orange County parents who are getting a divorce have alternatives to going before a judge to determine child support. They can conduct informal negotiations with the help of their attorneys, and they can participate in these negotiations to the degree that they feel comfortable. In some cases, attorneys may simply carry out these negotiations on behalf of their clients.

Emancipation and child support

With regard to child support, emancipation refers to the point when a child reaches the age of majority, which is 18 in California, and the parent is no longer required to provide support. However, parents should be aware of the impact on child support payments if a child is emancipated before reaching that age.

Obtaining back child support

California parents who have been raising a child without the support of the child's other parent may be able to request back child support. People may be considered to owe support even if they had not previously been ordered to do so.

Children suffer when dads don't pay child support

Orange County fathers who fall behind on their child support payments are less likely to see their children than dads who support payments current. A study by a Cornell University professor of more than 1,000 fathers who no longer lived with their children found that more than 30 percent of these noncustodial parents owed an average of $7,705 in back child support payments.

Enforcing back support payments after the child turns 18

The collection of child support payments that have fallen into arrears is an issue that may challenge some custodial parents who reside in Orange County. This matter may appear to be even more complicated as a child approaches the age of majority, and parents at this crossroads in a child's life may be concerned about whether the other parent will remain liable for the debt when the child is no longer legally entitled to the custodial parent's financial support and care.

Difficulties in locating a deadbeat parent

The conclusion of a divorce in the Orange County court system does not imply that child support will automatically be paid as ordered going forward. In some cases, a parent owing support might avoid their responsibilities by failing to pay in a timely way. In other cases, a support-owing parent might simply disappear from the area. If a parent cannot be located, the enforcement of child support could be difficult, which could leave those dependent on the funds struggling to manage.

Child support and absent parents

California couples who have not yet tied the knot may not know that children who live with single parents are three times more likely to live in poverty than children who reside with married parents. Single-parent households tend to have just one income and less earning potential than the households of married parents. Making sure that both parents contribute financially to the upbringing of their children is one way to reduce the economic stress associated with single-parent households.

Child support may not cover all the essentials

Child support is designed to help custodial parents care for their children after a divorce. Essentially, the non-custodial parent is responsible for paying a monthly sum that goes towards the cost of raising the child. However, many custodial parents find that child support does not cover all the essentials, meaning they end up providing far more in terms of financial support for their children.

Reforms of child support laws for inmates on the horizon

Many Californians spend time in jail or prison, and some who are incarcerated are also parents who have child support obligations. When they are incarcerated, their child support debt may continue to accumulate even though they make almost nothing. This leaves some ex-convicts facing staggering levels of debt when they are released.

Are single moms overpaid in child support?

While celebrity divorce cases and custody battles might capture the attention of California residents at times, the challenge of facing these issues in one's own life could be overwhelming, demanding complete attention. An ex-spouse who is awarded primary custody and child support payments might find it challenging to make ends meet, but in many cases, the party owing support will complain that the support obligation is excessive. This can occur in celebrity and high-asset situations, but it is also possible in cases involving those of limited means.


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