Comparison of PDD and FDD Table

Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure (Family Code §2104)Final Declaration of Disclosure(Family Code §2105)
When requiredAfter or concurrently with the service of the petition.At least 45 days prior to the first trial date.
Standard of DisclosureWith sufficient particularity, that a person of reasonable and ordinary intelligence can ascertainNot stated.
ContentsIdentity of all assets in which the declarant has or may have an interest and all liabilities for which the declarant is or may be liable, regardless of the characterization of the asset or liability as community, quasi-community, or separate.

The declarant's percentage of ownership in each asset and percentage of obligation for each liability where property is not solely owned by one or both of the parties.

The declarant's characterization of each asset or liability. (Optional)

All material facts and information regarding the following:

The characterization of all assets and liabilities.

The valuation of all assets that are contended to be community property or in which it is contended the community has an interest.

The amounts of all obligations that are contended to be community obligations or for which it is contended the community has liability.

The earnings, accumulations, and expenses of each party that have been set forth in the income and expense declaration.

Consequences of PerjuryThe commission of perjury by a party may be grounds for setting aside the judgment, or any part or parts thereof, in addition to any and all other remedies, civil or criminal, that otherwise are available under law for the commission of perjury.
WaiverNot permitted.Permitted, as long as specified requirements are met.